Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Skyfall - 007 as it should be.

So, I have managed to keep quiet for nearly two weeks about the new James Bond film... fear not as there are no spoilers, these are merely my thoughts on the film and my whole experience as a viewer.

First I must make clear that I have not liked the Bond films since Golden Eye. I refer to Golden Eye as that was the first Bond film that I saw at a reasonable age and that I fully enjoyed at the cinema. I had watched most of the previous films either on the telly or at the cinema, but Golden Eye was the first one that I fully appreciated and I was able to go in according to the Rating.

Before Golden Eye, most of them were all mashed up in my brain and scenes from one were mixed with another. I enjoyed Golden Eye and I still think that Pierce Brosnan was a good Bond, just unfortunate to have had to work with the worst scripts ever imaginable.

I went to see Casino Royal and though I enjoyed moments of it, there had been plenty more things that I hated about it. The final insult was when they made (via product placement) Bond drive a Ford. I don't care what excuses they make for it, Bond should never drive a Ford. Other things that annoyed me were mainly to do with the fact that Bond was imitating Bond imitations (Bourne).

The product placement took away any credibility and the extra (and unnecessary) lines to explain jokes/innuendo made it all rather tedious and a bit dirty and creepy in my opinion.

So when Skyfall was announced, I wasn't that excited or that interested, to be honest. Then I was rather confused when they announced that Sam Mendes was to direct it. Don't get me wrong, but despite being an amazing director, his forte is drama and I wasn't sure how he would adapt to action. Then I got seriously worried when there were rumors that there would be more drama in this film. That confirmed my fears that they no longer knew their product or their actual target audience.

So I got the call from a, very dear friend, friend asking if I wanted to go to the screening. Curiousity and the thrill to see something weeks ahead of the rest of the world, got the best of me. I went along thinking only two possible outcomes

1.- I'll hate it

2.- I'll like it

Nothing beyond that. The head of Sony Films UK introduced it saying that it was 'a fitting tribute to the 50th anniversary' and perhaps even 'one of the better, if not the best, film they had made'. Me and my friend agreed that he was bound to say that... and the lights went out.

The opening sequence is very exciting, to put it in a frank an simple way. A chase, punches, gun shots, over the top action, but it never descended into a caricature of itself. The credits were a mix of the old and the new and seemed to make the title song work much better than on the radio.

From then on, there were nods to previous films and previous Bonds. I am sure a few references passed me by, but it doesn't really matter as two weeks later I am still smiling at the thought of it and I am booking tickets to go and see it one more time.

Daniel Craig was superb and Javier Bardem was epic without eclipsing Bond. The action was present at every turn and not only fantastically choreographed, but it was all beautifully shot. The cheesy lines were there and there was innuendo, but again, it did it like Bond used to be and not crass as it had become lately.

There were a couple of things that I wasn't sure about, but there was nothing that I truly disliked in that film. I walked out giddy with excitement and gutted that I am unable to talk about it. But you deserve unspoiled enjoyment and the film deserves to be thoroughly enjoyed.

I will say that it is the Bond film that I have enjoyed the most and that I have been the most excited about. You can decide for yourself if it is your favourite Bond film or if it is even the best.

I've made up my mined and I very much look forward to seeing it again and finally to be able to talk about it with friends.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

What a couple of month's...

Hello there, long time no type...

I think I have become rather lazy with this thing and I believe that you would agree... From it's early beginnings as the Dole Scum Diaries to me briefly becoming a corporate whore, to being and ordinarily employed person to now being a family man... it all has got a bit in the way of updating this and making regular entries.

The fighting carries on and on wherever it may roam. Exciting events happening the world around with people fighting for their right to party and for their freedom. Shame about Libya and even more shameful the late condemnation coming from the west. I say it is a shame because we were more than happy to buy his oil and grant some allowances into them purchasing weapons (in good faith, I am sure) but now I am sure that NATO or some allied nations are running their very own version of the X-factor to see who will be (for the time being) the best person to buy oil from and to sell weapons to, in return.

It is all a load of shit and it has always been, sadly, it has been so open in the last couple of decades, that we have become a bit cynical about it all. That is a terrible thing, especially as there are a lot of people losing their lives and our governments are simply going to back the horse with the better odds on their favour. If attacks and support were indeed in order to 'liberate' people, North Korea, China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine... Mexico, the US under the Bush administration... all would've been targets.

Also with the media being sold all to one man, dismantling the BBC like a malicious child pulling off the legs of a spider... and the (Tory) government selling everything off, there is something to worry about for the next couple of decades too. One thing, that I am getting tired of, is hearing people slagging off the LibDems for selling all this shit with the Tories. The LibDems have fuck all to sell!!! The only things they had were their integrity and their selr-respect, which they sold for (less than) 20 pieces of silver just to get a backstage pass into Westminster.

I say backstage pass, because that is all they got, they are there for the meet and greet and get into the odd photo opportunity so they can post it later in their blog or their facebook. Because one thing that they aren't doing is making any decisions. And one thing that they aren't getting either, is a say.

I'll close this musing with a minute of silence in mark of respect to the families of every member of the LibDems, think of the shame they have to endure everyday and how dirty they must feel by association.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good bye dear moustache :{(

My dear tache...

Tomorrow night we will go our separate ways, for a little while. I would like to thank you for those awkward moments and those nasty comments I got (@Gavin). Also, I must admit you looked well sharp in this last week.

How can we forget the never ending wait to get the wax... only for it to take far longer for you to curl in such a majestic way.

In the cold days, you kept my upper lip quite snug. So much so, that when people thought I was smiling, it was my lip having a nice stretch.

I will miss you, but have already booked your return ticket as we have some unfinished business (what with all that wax) and the promise to give my mam some eccentric photos from her visit.

Yes, I looked like a dick, but so did I before and slowly I learned to fear never more. From those builders on the DLR this evening, laughing at me, to that emo kid simply nodding in a reverent fashion the other day.

Anyway, we'll have our fun tomorrow night as you make way to the rest of my face... as you bow out, we will ponder if it was a Chaplin, a Mugabe or something else you were trying so hard.

Thank you!!! And see you in the summer.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Nearly a year from the last entry. What can I say? I am not sure I am a year wiser, all I can say is that some things have changed but overall we have the same objectives.

In the last year, a short got animated and we have spent another year trying to shoot a short that has now become (in my head) a trilogy. With an over-ambitious attempt for the cast, we can only prod along and see if we can get it made in 2011 after it being written way back in 2009.

Getting it made would be the first massive thing to do, currently uncertain as how it will be when we get there as the direction depends on an external factor. It could be me or it could be an experienced mate. If the casting gods nodded in our direction, it'd be better to have an experienced director, but we'll see. The equipment would be another thing, but that could be hired, not our mate's experience.

Now, with it being a trilogy (5min each, mind you) things get a little bit more complicated, what with having to cast an additional 5 people. Shooting the other 2 would be easier as they would be more like interviews, where as the 1st one will require actual locations and be more of a drama variety.

Apart from that 2011 has got definitely lined up for us:
  • Pulp at Wireless
  • New book of the Gentlemen Bastards
  • New Thursday Next book
  • Nortec coming back to London for the first time in years
  • Family visting over for the summer
What doesn't look that promising is Hollywood:
  • Green Lantern
  • Green Hornet
Amongst many films, that I wish my first impressions are wrong. They gave me the feeling of 'I see what you're trying to do there, but...'

Anyway, mustn't grumble and all that.

So 2010 in a nutshell (from my perspective):

Changed jobs, animated short, not live action short, my little girl is 1 and walks and has a vast vocabulary if 6 words she uses correctly, still see out people from my last job more than my new one, only a few gigs, but they were pretty good, we started with snow and looks like we'll end it in snow and learnt how to use moustache wax.

Have a great end of 2010 and a blinding 2011.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where are we heading?!?!?!

Hello all and long time no update...

Writing a brief note in the middle of the economic breakdown, piss taking and panic driven cultural daze.

We're going down the shits! That's where we're going and we're making sure we get there quickly. I know it is all pessimistic and depressing way to look at things, but a simple example of my work place...

Like a lot of other places in the current situation, have laid some people off! Big surprise there. But where my anger, frustration and pessimistic view stems from is from the lack of interest from people and the lengths they go to avoid helping or taking on any responsibility!!!

A bit harsh on my side, but in the past I remember when the axe fell, everyone shortly after, would comply and be very helpful as the axe hung over everyones head and you didn't want to be seen as potential dead weight.

Lo and behold it is time to pass the buck, get involved in none of your fucking business just to look busy enough and make as much noise as possible dragging as many people as possible down with you!

As you can tell I am struggling in controlling my anger, but I don't take kindly to back stabbing, useless people 'judging' my output when they can't understand.

So little is their understanding that, to my demise being an analyst, people get confused with numbers. Understandable and acceptable, then why the fuck do they want more number in the reports and higher frequency? Their confusion reaches such levels that I need the balls to run my ultimate test:

Write down a phone number in a piece of paper and put a heading over it saying it shows the trend they wanted.
The test is that, by the phone number having so many digits will manage to confuse the fuck out of them and nod pretending to understand

My frustration and this rant come from the fact that this people make me feel useless! They demand for so much, which is mainly ignored, but with tight deadlines as they can't ask for shit in time.

So sadly I face the reality of being paid for wasting my time, the downside of that is that they make sure I am more than busy, stressed and under pressure whilst they waste my time...

Long live the days of doing dirty work for money!!!

I am truly back.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fulham FC facing relegation...

Hello there, long time no type...

Just a quick update after three weeks of being back in the motherland and coming back from 35 degrees to 4 degrees and snow... you don't hear me complaining, just that as it was with jetlag fucking with my head, the snow made it worse...

The sun has come out once again and certainly I am not only enjoying it but certainly appreciating it... sadly not the same can be said for Fulham FC... my club.

This season has been the most heartbreaking since I started supporting them. An abysmal opening of the season with some seriously daft purchases helped us dig a nice grave. I seriously didn't like Lawrie Sanchez and personally didn't rate him back then nor now. Sadly he seemed a promise (because of his work with Norie {Northern Ireland}), which never materialized.
What pissed me off the most was the fact that he never took responsibility for anything. A stark contrast to the honesty we had for four years with the previous manager... but that's another story...

The new manager is good and I like him and his honesty, but I think we were seriously fucked before he came on board and though rescuable, the odds were always against him.

So, we're going down... I won't cry, but I have to admit that I am already upset. I think things might become tougher if we win this weekend as that would just prolong the pain. But knowing the spirit of the players, well, we might just win this weekend. So here it is to potentially go down like Sheffield United did, in a truly upsetting and heartbreaking manner.

It all comes down to the sacking of Coleman and the fact that had he been given the same money/opportunities as Sanchez had we would have been in a far different situation and (I dare even speculate) in a far more surprising position on the table... above 10th?

Anyway, so I really had to get it out of my chest and just have now... thank you and COME ON YOU WHITES!!!!

Monday, December 31, 2007

One final entry...

As usual, wishing you all the best and hoping you have a fantastic New Year celebration and that you spend it surrounded by those you want to be with.

I am glad to be spending it with my beautiful wife and some very dear friends. One thing that you must do is follow any superstition that might come from your culture.

I for example am wearing red underwear for luck reasons and will be placing a note in each of my shoes before midnight takes place.

You see, back at home (Mexico) we believe that the way you receive the new year will set the way for how it will shape up. So that it is why it is so important to spend it with people whose company you enjoy. As well we do silly little things, or used to do, as superstitions, but now I think they might have served more as entertainment for us children.

You see, I am not sure as to whether to believe in fate or not. If it does exist, I feel that it needs an encouraging when it comes to good things. Those are the ones that take a while longer to happen if you just sit on your arse and wait for them to come and find you.

I am working on things and trying to line things up in order for 2008 to be a better year than 2007 for myself, my wife, family and very dear friends. All my friends are very dear.

I sound so lame, but it is true. I shall be having a few beers tonight in delightful company and will receive the new year in the best mood that I can. Whoever and wherever you are, I hope you have an amazing time and that 2008 is great for you and those you want it to be great.

More images to follow and I would like to add a movie suggestion... it was actually from 2007 and as I said, been buying DVDs on the sale. But you must watch 28 weeks later. It rocks, kicks arse and I think that it might even be slightly better than the first one. I say this basing it on the fact that I don't like incredibly happy endings and the hopelessness of this sequel really kept me on the edge of my seat.

To those about to rock... I salute you!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 review.

Like you could give a toss, but here you go anyway. I thought I might as well waste your time a little further with some of the things that I enjoyed in 2007 on top of living itself.

When it comes to music here's my top 5 (in no specific order):

  1. Interpol 'Our love to admire': I personally loved Antics and thought that the melancholy and edge of it was the pinnacle. How little did I know before Our love... was released. So melodic, honest and to the point. More than anything else it was a pleasure to listen to.
  2. Elvis Perkins 'Ash Wednesday': Funnily enough, I am listening to it as I type. I was lucky enough to see him opening for Willy Mason earlier this year. Sadly I had to wait for about three months until the album was released in the UK. A bitter-sweet joy to listen to and 'While you were sleeping' has got to be quite possibly my favourite track of the year itself.
  3. Gallows 'Orchestra of wolves': Some beautifully intense, passionate and in your face skate punk. More along the lines of Pennywise, maybe Fugazi, sounds like the days when Epitaph could only release great stuff. That album, though new it was full of memories and good ones at that. The joy of growing up stupidly and enjoying it with it's angst and the sheer oblivion of it all.
  4. Radiohead 'In rainbows': Because you have to admit that it is a masterpiece!!! I loved Hail to the thief, but this became even more melodically without compromising. They know wheat they're doing, they love doing it and they are great at doing it. And before you ask... yes I did pay for the download and YES, more than likely I will buy the boxset once it is out. To sum this album up: Believe me, you need it in your life!
  5. Porter 'Atemahawke': Mexico's finest. A fucking beauty of an album that did not disappoint or fail to deliver at any level. The class of it is beyond many things produced in other countries. A great follow up to their debut EP 'Donde los ponys pastan'. This album, like the one above, you need it in your life. You will need to search for this one as it is unlikely to come looking for you. But the search and effort will be more than rewarded.
Books. Because you need a great read on the train, or at home or whilst you try and ignore your family. Now that you have grown up, reading is not for geeks, it is OK. To put it this way, it is like smoking, it is cool, clever, big, sexy and chicks dig it. So in no specific order, here is my top 5:
  1. Kate Atkinson 'One good turn': I don't know what makes it literary, apart from the review quotes on the cover. All I know is that I don't care and it is a book that looks after itself and it's tale. Everything is tied up by the end and if not satisfaction, the simple acknowledgement makes it an enjoyable read. Brilliant and have already recommended it.
  2. Derek Landy 'Skulduggery Pleasant': Kids book, might not be the best and it has set itself a great challenge for the second book, but it is enjoyable, flows smoothly and a lot of fun. Great stuff and will be waiting for the second one eagerly.
  3. Ben MacIntyre 'Agent Zig-Zag': Top book!!! And it is all true!!! You have to read it. You will laugh, sympathize (which in my case is a lot to ask) and simply feel upset when it comes to an end. Fantastic!
  4. Charlie Higgson 'Hurricane Gold': New tome in the young Bond series. I met Higgson, might have freaked him out, but I loved the book. If you fear that it will be like Anthony Horrwitz ones, you are wrong. This are actually based back in the days when the "real" Bond would have been a teenager (around 1920's 30's). They are brilliant and all takes place thanks to sheer intelligence rather than flashy gizmos.
  5. CJ Sansom 'Sovereign': Because crime fiction in the Tudor times does work. Entertaining, thrilling and bloody educational as they have been amazingly and painstakingly researched. Though this is book 3 in a series, you can start with 'Dissolution' that it is book 1 and it is just as good.
Movies. Here I might be too obvious and a bit outdated as I didn't go much to the cinema and bought some of the DVDs on the sales and they might be from 2006 but I have only seen them now... so, random order top 5:
  1. The Bourne Ultimatum: Because it is the most exciting film you have seen since you were 8 years old. Nothing that I can say would do it justice, so do yourself a favour and buy a copy, watch it. Watch the extras and then watch it again. It gets better every time.
  2. Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix: Because it is brilliant and they have captured the darkness that can be found in those stories. In my opinion the book went on for about 100 pages too many after the story had in reality finished. I can't wait for the final two installments.
  3. The Departed: Oh my GOD!!! Chilling (and not in the mellow way, but in the shivery and speechless kind of way).
  4. Blade Runner 5 disc edition: Because the world has been a mess before it came out and if it continues to be a mess now that it has been finally released... well, that shows how stupid the world is. Though I am yet to watch the 5 discs in their entirety, I know that they rock and that they are what we all need.
  5. The Proposition: Because the genius of Nick Cave shows throughout the entire movie. The whole thing is a massive build up to a realisation framed by the most amazingly contrast of arid and beautiful landscapes. On the first viewing, when you get to the end, you might feel as if you have been punched really hard in the stomach and you're momentarily out of breath. But believe me that once you recover it, you will appreciate it.
Pictures to follow.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Random Images on Googling the number 30...

30 Earth Masses...

The symbolic meaning of the number 30...

30 Exhibition...

This are announcing the forthcoming entry of 'On being 30' boring you with my views on being 30, not smoking and pretty much the same shit as before, but might have a different angle...

We shall see.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Same shit, different day...

What can I say apart from the fact that nothing much ever changes and that life itself is the real 'Magic Roundabout'...

I am still full of shit and have nothing good to say about anything. Currently I am a little bit ill, one of those awful man flu's that can kill an elephant, but you don't hear me complaining.

Man ,I remember the good old days when I was able to update this page a few times a week and still put through an average of 5 to 6 applications a day. It's not even as if money has changed me. In my case, when people say 'Time is money', I think it is more like a commodity and I can't afford to have any.

Been up to my eye balls at work and doing some weekend hours and bitching the rest of the weekend. My 30th is approaching so fast that I am already nostalgic of cigarettes even though I have just over three weeks left of smoking, if I stick to my (wife's) plan.

Sorry to go off on a tangent and especially, sorry for the next image. Swindon is indeed a different world. Behold their 'Magic Roundabout':

Not only is it shit, but it looks like a fucking swastika with five arms. Now, that is extreme . If you think I made this shit up, Google 'Magic Roundabout' click on the images tab and scroll half way down the screen. Presto.

Man, I've been to a few gigs and not written about it. Lately, I feel like pretentious twat just rubbing it on people's faces. I hope I am not or at least not the most hate-able of them all.

As you can see , I've got fuck all to say, nothings changed there. The only thing that I am truly devastated about is the fact that the map of the world that had spots for every hit from every place. IT IS FUCKING GONE!!! I am terribly upset about that because now I haven't got the time to be harassing people across the world or browsing at random other blogs and leaving random comments in the hope they might come accross mine.

The worst thing of all, was the fact that deliberately I began pestering people from Madagascar until one person finally read my blog and a dot was there to demonstrate it. Undeniable evidence that I had been read in Madagascar!!! It was my only claim to fame. I have mates with tens of thousands of hits, but none in Madagascar!!!

Even worse is the fact that no one reads this shit apart from me and if you got this far I have to buy you a pint if we ever meet, as I would have given up a long time ago. I suppose that the more I write, the more likely it will be coming up in the 'recently updated' list.

Well, on Thursday I start a course in college and for the first time in my adult life, I will be taking something that I enjoy and am passionate about rather than to progress my (so hated) career. Maybe that will give me more to say in the future and hope that next entries, not only become more frequent, but as well let's hope that one day they will be mildly interesting.

Thank and you stay classy San Diego...